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Goodbye to the Big Brother Board.

I know people wanted a thread for this, so here it is.

I just wanted to say again that this was hard for me to decide because this board holds a lot of memories, inside jokes and friendships. And last year when we got the warning I tried so much to keep this board going with Nina. I loved when everyone came back during the summers, felt like a reunion of sorts. So while it's goodbye to this board, we all can still talk we still have Reality board for general BB discussion and Spoiler Board for LFs when the show comes back. So we'll still talk about the show!

We can all post twitter accounts, tumblr, etc. here if you all want. If not, that's fine too.
So from now til Sunday let's say our goodbyes!

P.S.: I can't post this without adding the single most favorite gif of mine!! <3

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