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QAF Hangman #67

New thread, new round.

Quotes Used Recently

Debbie: It's not a joke, you know. Gay teens have a very high suicide rate.
Lindsay: I love you too, Brian.
Ted: You can't turn yourself into a failure to make your relationship a success.
Justin: I don't care what you want. You're not getting rid of me.
Vic: Actually he told Judy and she told me?
Emmett: I haven't seen so many dogs since onehundredandone Dalmatians.
Ben: We're going to Toronto where gay marriage is not only legal, It's accepted. And like you said, that's what people do when they love each other, right?
Michael : Being there that day I realized how different men and women are, and I don't think it has anything to do with being gay or straight. It's that ,the way I see it, women know how to commit to each other, men don't. At least not the men I know.
Michael: You know come to think of it we never really had a proper wedding night.
Emmett: What type of pathetic pussy boys are you? Where's your self-respect? Where's your dignity?
Michael: Emmett can be a little campy. Okay, a lot campy. But you gotta admit these days it takes real guts to be a queen in a world full of commoners.
Hunter: You know how kids are at my age. We're trying to develop a sense of self which often manifest itself in a reluctance to communicate with parents and other authority figures.
Ted: He's got some crystal meth in his eye.
Justin: I'm not anti social, I just can't stand people.
Justin: I'm not going to some beer bust with a bunch of hetero-breeders.
Justin: Bed rest is an important part of every recovery.
Blake: Look I know it's upsetting. The person you wanted most to hear refused to listen. But you can't be responsible for his reaction.
Vanguard: That might prove a bit difficult. You've referred to him in the press as the gay member of your team and as your close friend and personal advisor.
Brian: I'm superman! I'll show you the world.
Justin: Right, you wanna have fun, fun, fun, until your daddy takes your freedom away. In case you haven't noticed, he already has.
Debbie: I'm not losing a son. I'm gaining a son.
Justin: I gotta hand it to you Brian. Not many people who just got fired would go out and spend five thousend dollars on a liquid television.
Jennifer: I won't be charging commission. After all you've done for Justin it's the least I can do.
Hunter: I can see it now. I'm on death row awaiting a leathal injection. This mass murderer who killed fortyeight babies and ate them asks me what I'm being executed for. I say, opening Ben's letter.
Ted: Stay clear of religion because you never know where anybody stands; avoid politics like the plague; and you should probably steer clear of the economy as well.
Debbie: Gay kids are everywhere only they are not all like you because they are afraid to show their faces.
Brian: You think god gave me cancer to punish me?
Debbie: You know, I haven't danced since the last century.
Brian: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work so I can continue my decadent lifestyle.
Justin: It's about not allowing yourself to be victimized.
Brian: Well who could blame you? I am without a doubt the worst candidate for marriage alive.
Brian: It's perfect for screwing the competition.
David: Until we break free of our stunted adolescence and our superficial values we'll always be boys never men.
Jennifer: I don't. But if I'm ever gonna see my son even remotety resemble the person he was, I don't have a choice.
Brian: Your prophesies of doom only entice me more.
Justin: That is so laughably, so pathetically lame I'm not even going to comment on it... try something else!
Brian: You know, I can just imagine the grizzly deaths you've conjured up for me.
Daphne: Bury it in your self concious, and forget about it?
Hunter: I have low self esteem. I was sexualized at an early age. It's exciting, fun and a great way to have non-reportable income.
Emmett: Am I seeing what I think i'm seeing?
Emmett: I've been beaten up, cursed at, spit on, ignored. But in a way, it was worth it because I have never had to live a lie and I'm not about to start now. Not for you. Not for anyone.
Michael: Uncle Vic asked me to bring some rope to tie you down.
Melanie: I may be no one, but at least I love him enough to know that his needs come before mine.
Emmett: It's pathetic. My screen name has more fun than I do.
Justin: Orange is the new blue.
Michael: But we don't live in Canada. We live here. So is it still real?
Michael: And when they're around other people they can never get too close for fear their true identities will be discovered.
Lindsay: It wouldn't surprise me. You've had more visitors than Disney World.
Justin: Am I doing this because I want to do it, or because I need to do it? And if I need to do it, is it to prove to myself I'm still young and attractive? Or because I think I'm unworthy of being loved.
Daphne: I'm not the one who got weird. Ever since you met Brian, you've become this totally different person. You go out with him to bars and clubs. It's like I don't even know you.
Brian: Happy Pride. How is it going?
Lindsay: Well there's one thing that Mel and I still agree on. It's that we feel the same way about you.
Brian: You're gonna make me say it twice?
Emmett: You were never a kid.
Michael: You're apologizing for the wrong thing.
Brian: My nose tells me it was better than all right. I smell a varsity lacrosse player.
Brian: I want to be hard, mom. You have know idea how much I want to be hard.
Emmett: Don't be a man about it, be a queen.
Michael: Just because we have been friends our whole life doesn't mean we have to stay friends.
Justin: He didn't do anything. I wanted one thing and he wanted another and since neither one of us could give the other what is needed, we decided it would be better to move on.
Jennifer: It was because of you he was almost killed.
Brian: Justin still gets freaky when he's on his own too long.
Brian: Melanie the martyr, do you want me to set you on fire?
Brian: You know, I ordered my eggs with bacon, not group therapy.
Brian: What would you like me to do?
Ben: Michael Novotny, you are the man I've been looking for all my life. I am so blessed to have found you which is why I'm asking you to do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage.
Justin: Remember me? Debbie: Turn around. I never forget a butt, especially a cute one.
Emmett: What kind of homosexual are you?
Debbie: What good's a family if we can't make you squirm?
Justin: That's why you should never take drugs that aren't prescribed by a physician or recommended by a reliable pharmacist.
Justin: I have to hand it to you. Your perseverance is surpassed only by your narcissism.
Justin: Bed rest is an important part of every recovery. Ted: Thank you, Doogie Howser.
Justin: You're the one who helped him turn us into straight law abiding citizens.
Ted: Why am I staring at a bunch of over-pumped princesses with IQ's smaller than their waists?
Debbie: I've been keeping an eye on Sunshine ever since he left home.
Michael: I'll have the chicken fried stake. No remarks. And he'll have a bacon cheeseburger.
Justin: It wasn't that different than here, they just made it seem like it was.
Ben:Yes, you are seeing it. It's the most historic reunification since Germany.
Ted: We're all his Emmett, and he loves us all.
Brian : Do I detect a discordant note in love's tender refrain?
Justin: I've never seen so many zeroes.
Ted: So even though you'd like to rest on your laurels secure in your position of power now you know they're snapping at your heels.
Vic: Black bottoms were my specialty.
Mysterious Marilyn: God writes the script sweetie, I just say the lines.
Daphne: He is to die for.
Justin: You wouldn't survive a day in school named Abraham but I guess Gus is okay.
Brian: Bring him a burger with extra ground glass.
Brian: If any of you starts to sing "People" I will leave you on the side of the road without stopping.
Emmett: Work the pockets honey, work the pockets.
Debbie: So love muffins, you ready for the high homo holidays?
Brian: Marvin, you old dog! Christ isn't anyone straight anymore?
Pitts9x6: Well, that was the most stunning display of ineptitude I've ever witnessed.
Ted: Quelque chose isn't kosher.
Debbie: There's only one explanation. He must have knocked up Sunshine.
Brian: So long Jack…you son of a bitch!
Brian: Meathook? Really? So you're into leather.
Michael: Christ, Brian! How'd you get in here?
Emmett: Are you telling me I've been living with a Yankee and a Republican?
Ted: You're more than an enormous d*ck. You're my friend.
Michael: I'm half Italian, half drag queen. I'm allowed to get worked up.
Brian: I think I'll stick to my uncredited cameo appearances.
Justin: There's still one thing Pittsburgh has that Hollywood doesn't.
Brian: Call me Dr Spin!
Brian: I'd rather sell a kidney!
Drew: I got a great kicker!
Emmett: Why do I always give my heart away to trash?
Michael: Not that anything ever happened, or ever will?
Daphne: That's Brian? But, he's so old! And skinny! You could do way better than that!
Ted: Thank you Dr. Kinney. You've saved me years of therapy, not to mention several thousand dollars.
Brian: Tylenol is what they give you when you're allergic to everything else!
Ted: That's the sign of true friendship you know, that it can accommodate vastly divergent points of view!
Emmett: Believe me I had no idea I brought home the wolfman!
Justin: Here's your dividend!
Emmett: Too bad he didn't use "Contact" he could have been in the same movie.
Justin: Believe me Mr. Kinney that is the least of your imperfections!
Brian: I love you, I'm comatose, kill me.
Brian: I know your secret identity.
Brian: I just left a complete stranger in my apartment to come and talk to you, so don't run away from me .
Emmett: If you ask me, nobody makes a better woman than a gay man.
Brian: I sincerely hope you find the dream that satisfies your existence. But until then why don't you buy me a drink.
Brian: You have never been on a Greyhound in your life.
Brian: It's not lying if they make you lie. If the only truth they can accept is their own.
Emmett: This lady is a tramp and tonight Jack's not the only one getting lucky!
Brian: Meet our newest account, Hot Potaters!
Brian: Don't tell me no-one's ever had a big O at the Big Q!
Leda: You must be the Anti Christ. Big fan.
Emmett: I don't do well in groups!
Debbie: Since when do gay guys use their fists?
Emmett: Do you have this in a size larger?
Emmett: Instant Apartment! Just add trick and stir.
Brian: What if my aunt had balls? She'd be my uncle.
Justin: For the boys at the precinct, Jim.
Justin: We're trying to stop violence before it happens!
Debbie: One whiff of that and I'm back at Woodstock getting laid by three guys named Julio.
Emmett: I made a fabulous necklace out of slipknots.
Brian: Say au revoir Gus!
Brian: You want to know what it's like? Well come on, you know you want it.
Brian: Our beer says sex, not Clydesdales.
Daphne: Mind if you hit on me later? I have to talk to you.
Lindsay: You know, in your own weird subversive way, you're no a bad father.
Brian: You're not running around the streets with a concealed weapon.
Daphne: Chris? No way!
Justin: Maybe I'm getting too old for him!
Debbie: Every guy in the place has his eye on you tonight sweetheart!
David: I want him even more than you don't want me to have him.
Debbie: You don't grab in this house. You stand up, bend over and reach!
Emmett: Who knew you could catch twinkles by stuffing them in your mouth.
Cody: Well, if it isn't Meg Ryan.
Brian: Tuna Casserole means we're gonna to get stoned and have a very meaningful conversation.
Emmett: Can you believe I've never been to a football game?
Ben: Gears LUBED up, seat nice and tight!
Brian: So long Pittsburgh, hello Miami Vice!
Ethan: The Ravel was passable but the Brahms was for s**t!
Brian: I love your cream sauce.
Brian: I thought you were going to be the next Andy Warhol.
Brian: Then how about marrying me?
Hunter: I make it a general rule not to eat anything that's still moving.
Michael: And they'll always be dead!
Michael: So where's my flashlight?
Brian: You said, I'm going with him!
Brian: Hey, stud! Wanna dance?
Justin: It'll be a pleasure to work under you…sir.
Justin: Nobody buys our comics to see Zephyr get laid!
Jennifer: So, do you have a boyfriend Justin?
Brian: There is no such thing as enough.
Brian: So, which piece of whimsical fiction would you prefer sonny boy?
Ted: Hammond's Hams! I've packed away a lot of your pork.
Emmett: I'd appreciate it if you'd spare me the searing wit.
Justin: You're not going to fail, dismally or otherwise.
Justin: But whatever you do, it's not gonna matter, 'cause I'll still be your queer son!
Brian: After living with Galaxy Lad for thirty years, rumours are bound to circulate.
Brian: That's what all the biggest bottoms say.
Lindsay: Oh, yeah. There's one valuable item that's missing that can't be replaced!!!!
Ted: After all, I am a gay man and sex is our national past time?
Brian: You do homage to a long and illustrious line of lovable, laughable clowns who've gone before you.
Brian: But I'll be around to provide the masculine influence so important in every young boys life.
Brian: He wanted it, I gave it to him.
Michael: Uncle Vic asked me to bring some rope to tie you down.
Emmett: If you were gay, you'd make one hell of a bear!
Brian: Will it make me small? - Justin: I'm hoping that it will make you large. Very, very large!
Justin: I could kill you for doing this! - Brian: Well I almost saved you the trouble.
Emmett: So I've been going to the gym religiously. - Brian: Is that why you've been kneeling in the steam room?
Brian: So, what do you like to do? - Justin: Do? I don't know. Watch TV, play Tomb Raider!
Justin: Oh, get this. When we told him that we based the character of Rage on you, he said "I have to meet this guy". So, we have plans to go to Babylon tomorrow night, contingent, of course, on your availability. - Brian: Well, I'll have to get my tights back from the cleaners!!
Brian: Here's to Kinnetik! Drinks are on me boys. - Emmett: To Kinnetik!
Justin: This is disgusting. Really sick. - Brian: What, are you looking at those hetero porn sites again?
Justin: You kissed me? In front of everyone? - Brian: Yeah… You should've been there.
Ben: Violence is never a moral option. - Brian: But saying nothing, letting someone bash your brains in, it is?
Debbie: Except for this strange, cryptic message, "Don't worry, ma. I'm alright" - Justin: Doesn't sound strange or cryptic to me.
Ethan: I wish you could tell them that. Someday they'll be paying a hundred bucks a ticket to hear me. - Justin: So, I'm the lucky one.
Justin: I saw him. Chris Hobbs. - Brian: Another dream? - Justin: He was at the hospice. - Brian: What the fk was he doing there?
Justin: As far as the ass business: getting your butt is one of the great pleasures and privileges of being gay. If you haven't experienced it yourself, I'd recommend it.
Brian: This isn't the White House. George Washington hasn't slept here. - Justin: He's the only one who hasn't!!
Debbie: You got them to do this, didn't you? - Brian: It's still America Deb, money talks.
Mikey: This is where it all began. - Brian: And ended.
Emmett: How does he do it? What does he say? - Michael: We'll never know. But whatever it is, he says it for all of us.
Sap: Why don't you take your shirt off. - Justin: What for? - Sap: That's why you're here, remember?
Ted: I never thought I'd be so scared to see a door. - Blake: Don't think of it as a door, think of it as a threshold to a new life.
Brian: He's not the only one i'm gonna be losing. I don't want you to go, Wendy. - Lindsay: I have to, Peter.
Brian: You're right. Maybe I should celebrate turning thirty. Give myself something very special. - Lindsay: Now you're talking.
Lindsay: Mr. Kinney! You probably don't remember me but .. I'm Lindsay. Peterson. - Jack: Of course I remember you. Although it's been a long time. You're still a looker!
Michael: That must be the naked volleyball game. - Emmett: Your powers of observation are remarkable!
Justin: This is gonna cost you a hundred dollars. - Brian: We were just pretending, remember? - Justin: Maybe you were.
Vic: I thought I'd make a turducken. - Michael: A what? - Vic: Turducken. You take a chicken you stuff if up a duck then stuff that up a turkey. - Deb: Kind of like a three-way but with poultry!
Brian: Remember what I said to you last night? - Justin: Yes, I heard. You said you love me. - Brian: Then how about marrying me?
Emmett: I've decided that I need to explore that part of me that isn't gay. - Ted: And what part, pray tell, would that be?
Justin: I don't feel sick. Margaritas are definitely my drink.
Justin: Must've been quite an elegant affair. - Brian: A long night's journey into day. You should have been there.
Emmett: When's the last time you had sex with a woman that you didn't think about a man?
Debbie: There's only one explanation. He must've knocked up Sunshine!
Brian: You really freaked me out. - Justin: What, you? - Brian: It was like you got hit all over again.
Justin: It's become a bona fide police state here in beautiful Loss of Liberty Avenue. Something's gotta be done. - Brian: Yeah, me!
Debbie: What are you two doing? - Brian: What does it look like we're doing? We're COPulating!
Brian: Michael's thinking about changing his hair. - Debbie: Oh god! Baby what's wrong? Tell me.
Justin: Brian! Why are you getting rid of your naked guy painting?
Ted: Hanging with Brian is exhausting, but it's worth it for the sex. - Emmett: You're having sex with Brian?"
Brian: I'm taking a chance on love. - Justin: Then you mean it? - Brian: I've never meant anything more.
Emmett: Hey sweetie, What's your dream? - Michael: My dream is to one day know what my dream is.
Jennifer: Christ! What did you do to your hair? - Justin: It's called a haircut, mother.
Brian: I thought i told you to get out. - Justin: I guess i didn't hear, you tend to mumble a lot.
Ted: What happens if a condom breaks, or he's flossing his teeth and his gums bleed? - Brian: Or if he shoots his load and you're bending over to tie your shoe and it accidentally flies up your ass?
Brian: You know how much I love sex in public places. - Justin: Then suck me off. Right here, right now, in broad daylight.
Em: These are my fans. They adore me. - Brian: Because you're so cute. Do you think they'd still adore you if they knew you took it up the ass? And liked it?
Brian: I'm not interested. - Ted: However, I am available for safe sex and Estate planning.
Lindsay: Isn't he a little too young for James Dean? - Brian: Well, you don't want him to watch Teletubbies, do you? It might make him gay.
Justin: The stuff we come up with is amazing. It's like we share the same brain! - Brian: You get it Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he gets it Tuesday and Thursday.
Brian: And here I thought I was finally rid of you. - Justin: Not until I say so.
Michael: Trapped in a web of your own deceit, a victim of your own machinations. - Brian: Save the bad dialogue for your comic book.
Justin: I could be poor for a long time. - Brian: Well, knowing your tastes, you'd better not be.
Brian: I had no idea you were so tight. - Justin: Sure you did.
Brian: Call me Doctor Spin. - Justin: You could be Doctor Evil.
Brian: This has got to be a first. Family photos at Babylon.
Justin: Well, then, I'll go to New York. I'll become a hustler and I'll sell my body to gross old homes. - Vic: I'll give you twenty bucks. Just saving the train fare.
Ted: Another success story from Father Kinney's Home for Runaway Boys.
Brian:I have just one question. After we're married, will you still blow me? - Justin: Ever the romantic!
Debbie: He's not my type. - Vic: He's alive and he's got a dick. What more do you need?
Emmett: Hello! I know you're there. I can hear your sinus condition.
Ben: Michael, save your shoes. That only works on cartoon cats.
Brian: Why aren't you home packing your lunchbox for school tomorrow? - Justin: I don't need to, I'm not going.
Justin: Take your shirt off and get a free drink. - Brian: I don't show my t*ts for a watered down Bud.
Michael: Strapless makes me look fat.
Stockwell: I'm sure you've been following the campaign. - Brian: No, actually I've been so busy shopping and blow-drying my hair.
Ted: The difference between our lube and their lube is our lube says sex.
Emmett: I like my coffee like I like my men, strong, full-bodied and piping hot!
Emmett: I always wanted to go to military school. Those sleek uniforms, so well cut. - Ted: Taking orders, getting punished when you're naughty.
Michael: Captain Astro uses his magical fisting power! - Emmett: Stop it! It's too early for fisting! - Michael: No, it is never too early for fisting!
Emmett: I don't think there are particularly strong shame issues attached to cheese.
Michael: I'm still not sure where to put my toy robots. - David: Well, I'm sure you'll find the perfect place.
Brian: So are you coming or going, or coming and then going or coming and staying?
Brian: I said I don't want to. - Michael: Well, you always like dancing with Justin.
Brian: Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. - Ted: How long have you been there? - Brian: Long enough to know who my friends are.
Justin: I'm not a child. I'm turning eighteen soon. That means I can vote and get married and join the Army. - Emmett: Hopefully not on the same day.
Brett: Does Brian know about your extra-marital activities? - Justin: We're not married. Brian detests marriage.
Brian: Jesus! It smells like a dirty jockstrap. - Mel: In that case you should like it!
Justin: We have an arrangement. - Brian: Home by three or my balls turn into pumpkins.
Justin: Just 'cause Chris Hobbs bashes me in the head, suddenly everyone wants to infantilise me.
Brian: This year I'm trading in my leather jockstrap for rubber pants. Isn't that right Sonny Boy?
Jennifer: The worst part is standing there helpless. Do you have any idea what that feels like?
George: From what Emmett tells me, you're the love child of James Dean and Ayn Rand. - Brian: George, may I buy you a drink?
Michael: Is there anything I can do? - David: Yeah, you can stand there and look gorgeous, that you do so beautifully.
Brian: What did I just warn you about … - Justin: About finishing each other's sentences?
Joan: He's been like a son. - Brian: Well, for his sake, I sure hope you don't treat him like one.
Ben: I'm looking for Wonder Woman. - Debbie: You found her!
Ted: You think I'm fat? - Brian: Well, let's put it this way; if you start singing, it's all over.
Hunter: How about if I pay you? - Brian: You couldn't afford me.
Brian: You know the problem with our extracurricular one FK only policy? - Justin: Is it that after a while you start asking yourself, am I doing this because I want to do it, or because I need to do it? And if need to do it, is to prove to myself I'm still young and attractive? Or cause I think I'm unworthy of being loved.
Justin: He must have heard that nasty rumor. You know, the one about you having crabs. - Brian: I wonder how that happened?
Ben: I'd say we're in great shape for the ride, wouldn't you? - Michael: Provided my ass holds out. - Ben: I've never known it to fail. - Michael: You've never ridden it for three hundred miles.
Brian: What is this? - Ted: Your official membership to the Dead Faggots Society.
Justin: I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner considering where your d's been. - Brian: Excuse me, but you haven't exactly been a saint yourself. In fact, I might have even gotten it from you.
Justin: I thought you were starting your own agency; that your clients were gonna go with you? - Brian: Well they turned me down. The best laid plans of mice and ad men.
Daphne: Do you remember what I did when I was madly and passionately in love with Billy Hauser? - Justin: Made an idiot of yourself?
Lindsay: Jesus, Brian, you know how Stockwell feels about gay people. How could you sell your soul to the devil? - Brian: I haven't sold my soul, I'm just billing for time and expenses.
Michael: I knew how to put a condom on a cucumber before I knew how to drive! - Ben: Yeah, well, I was gonna ask you out tonight but now I'm not so sure. - Michael: Why not? - Ben: A cucumber is a lot to live up to!!
Brian: What are you doing here? - Justin: Waiting for you.
Emmett: Why do I always give my heart away to trash? - Brian: Because you wanna see it in a dumpster?
Melanie: Nothing personal, but I wish that she was here. - Ted: I understand. Most of my dates wish they were with someone else!
Brian: Now, go do your homework!
Ted: The problem with perfection is its inability to recognize anything less perfect than itself. - Emmett: In other words, you hit on him and he turned you down.
Brian: You put your life up for auction. What if it hadn't worked? - Michael: Well, I guess I'd have no money, no job, no nothing. - Brian: Nothing but the biggest balls in the whole world!
Brian: I think it's time for you to go. - Justin: It always is. Luckily you can't push me away. I'm on to you.

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