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QAF Hangman #76

New thread, new round.

Past Hangman Quotes

Quotes Used Recently:

Debbie: I've always has a soft spot for men in uniform. - Emmett: And I 've always had a hard spot.
Emmett: You're just jealous because we have what you don't. - Brian: Anal warts? - Ted: A mature, loving relationship. Open up for the choo-choo boo-boo!
Ted: You have acted in flagrant violation of the entire gay social structure. They're going to vote you out of the brotherhood.
Brian: This isn't the White House. George Washington hasn't slept here. - Justin: He's the only one who hasn't.
George: Would you find it terribly tedious if I told you how marvelous you are? How much you mean to me?
Vic: Can you think of anything worse than a soggy cheese puff? - Emmett: As hard as I try, absolutely nothing comes to mind.
Hunter: I need twenty bucks. - Michael: I knew it! What do you want it for? - Hunter: My upwardly mobile lifestyle. Being a teenager's expensive. - Michael: Well, you should have thought of that before you became one.
Justin: I know you think 'cause I'm young I can just tumble out of bed and look like this. - Vic: Well, I don't know why not, I tumble out of bed and look like this!
Brian: The point of a date, or so it's been explained to me by those who do that sort of thing, is that you actually get to know the other person before you fk them. - Michael: What a dumb idea! - What if you don't like them? - Brian: Worse yet, what if you do?
Darren: Is it true that gentlemen prefer blondes? - Justin: I don't know about gentlemen, but dirty old men do. - Darren: Even better!
Michael: I'm half Italian and half drag queen, I'm allowed to get worked up.
Debbie: I'm so proud of you Michael, you've turned out to be quite a man, chew your food.
Justin: That's gonna win an Oscar for special effects. - Connor: I didn't hear you complaining.
Stockwell: Don't you know you're supposed to let the boss win? - Brian: Why would I do that? - Stockwell: Some people might say it's smart. - Brian: Yeah well, some people are stupid. Why would you trust me if I let you win?
Brian: Remember what I said to you last night? - Justin: Yes, I heard. You said you love me. - Brian: Then how about marrying me?
Doctor: How does that feel? - Brian: It'd be a lot better with poppers. - Doctor: Try to describe the sensation - Brian: It feels like someone is rotating my artificial ball.
Brian: Do you know what I remember from high school? - Michael: The time in Biology when you beat off in a test tube and tried to call it your science experiment? - Brian: Food. There was always a lot of food at your house. - Michael: Well, that's an Italian thing. And there was always a lot of booze at your house. - Brian: That's an Irish thing.
Michael: Hey, where have you been? I need those panels so I can come up with some dialogue for the evil anal probers. - Justin: How about up your ass?
Emmett: So, whoever this demented aberration of humanity was who killed him, do you think they had sex first? - Brian: I hope so. It's always better to come before you go.
Brian: Don't tell me. I was doing handstands. - Justin: And juggling. You're not very good.
Emmett: You're just jealous because we have what you don't. - Brian: Anal warts?
Mel: Careful, don't drop him. - Brian: That's just what I was planning on doing!
Justin: Anyway, you have a big, important fundraiser to attend. - Brian: You mean a boring, insignificant time waster to endure.
Justin: Don't say it's okay, and don't say anything bad about Brian. - Melanie: Well, that doesn't leave much room for conversation.
Debbie: What are you two doing? - Brian: What does it look like we're doing? We're COPulating!
Michael: I think the artist has taken some liberties. - Brian: It's a perfect likeness. - Michael: C'mon it was never that big. - Brian: You haven't seen it in a long time.
Brian: We gave them the prom they'll never forget. - Justin: Me neither.
Debbie: Another quiet evening at the Kinney residence.
Michael: This is my friend Emmett. He's staying with me temporarily since the hooker who lived down the hall from him burnt his apartment building down two years ago. - Trick: Two years is a long time to be temporary. - Michael: And yet it hasn't interfered with my love life. I suppose that says a lot about my love life.
Brian: I'm glad you came with me. - Michael: We've always been there for each other. - Brian: You more than me. - Michael: That's not true.
Brian: What're you doing? - Justin: Killing you with kindness. It's proven to be a highly effective technique for achieving one's goals.

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