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QAF Hangman #86

Recently Played Quotes:

Brian: Marriage is a Domesday machine, destined to self~destruct. Fortunately, however, for you and I, we'll be spared such a dismal fate.
Brian: Leave trendiness to the other guys. What you sell is good old American tradition. But you need something with more heat. - Leo ~ Young man, there is no heat in baseball caps and windbreakers.
Michael: I'm a lame brained doormat who doesn't know how to say no.
Emmett: Be careful, pride is a sin. - Justin: Then I'm going to hell.
Justin: It's not the size that matters. - Brian: Have I taught you nothing?
Michael: No one makes a better case for perpetual immaturity than you.
Justin: I'm really allergic to a lot drugs. The doctor gave me penicillin once. Nearly killed me. And Tylenol.
Debbie: I'm biting my tongue so hard I'm tasting blood.
Emmett: Oh please. You can't let one little drug~induced coma get you down.
Brian: So, even if it will cause me a momentary twinge of regret, on the rare occasion I think of him, I'd say he'll be better off. - Michael: Yeah, well, you were never much in his life anyway - Brian: No, I never was.
Vic: Sorry but public restrooms aren't my scene.
Ted: Hanging out with Brian is Exhausting, but it's worth it for the sex. - Emmett: You're having sex with Brian?
Michael: Jesus ma, you already go to the same clubs as I do, now you gotta come to the same gym.
Brian: I'll be glad when Pride's over and we can all go back to being ashamed.
Michael: I'm going home to whack off, and that's the last anybody needs to hear about it.
Ted: We can rebuild him, we have the technology.
Emmett: Little Mary Sunshine died. I'm Little Mary Go Fk Yourself!
Brian: When the love of your life marries somebody else what choice to you have but to drown yourself in buttercream filling.
Brian: I'd run away screaming but it's been a long day!
Brian: He's my best friend since we were fourteen. - David: That's sixteen years of waiting. He's been waiting so long he actually thinks he's happy.
But you and I both know that he's never gonna get what he really wants, is he? - Brian: And what is that, doc? - David: For you to fk him.
Michael: I don't know how you do it, working all day, fg all night. - Brian: Well, they say in the vast infinity of space, the faster you move, the slower you age.
Ted: The contractor just told me that Babylon will be back on its dancing feet in no time with enough insurance left over to put in that new sound system.
Brian: That's good news. Except I've decided not to reopen the club. - Ted: What? - Brian: Babylon is history.
Ted: But its your baby, your toy, your personal playground. - Brian: Well, now it's a battleground. - Ted: What are you gonna do with it?
Brian: You said there're developers who wanna tear it down, put in a mini mall. - Ted: And you said you'd sooner die than see your happy homo home homogenized.
Brian: Enough people have already died. Anyway, who'd pay twenty bucks to dance in the memory of bombs and corpses?
Justin: You're hotter than the guy I had last week. - Kip: Is that right? - Justin: He wanted to put me in short pants and spank me.
Debbie: I can tell you care as much about him as he cares about you, only you haven't got the big hairy cojones to say it. - Brian: Maybe I could borrow yours.
Debbie: Whatever it takes to admit that you love him.
Emmett: I hate Dyke Night. - Ted: Me too. I feel so violated!
Brian: You know, if it was me, I'd be out every night topping the tall timber. - Michael: Yeah, that's why they have environmental protection laws.
Ted: It's like playing with fire. I mean .. what if a condom breaks? Or he's flossing his teeth and his gums bleed?
Brian: Or he shoots off his load and you're bending over to tie your shoe and it accidentally flies up your ass.
Brian: You're here as the result of a series of unfortunate circumstances which have given me the biggest headache of my life.
Ted: Look at me! I look like a cow chart in a butcher shop.
Brian: Save your diva routine for your world tour.
Justin: We have an arrangement. - Brian: Home by three or my balls turn into pumpkins.
Debbie: Hi honey, what are you doing here? - Michael: Uncle Vic asked me to bring some rope to tie you down. - Debbie: Sounds kinky!
George: From what Emmett tells me, you're the love child of James Dean and Ayn Rand. - Brian: George, can I buy you a drink?
Justin: What's your problem? - Brian: I have no problem. I am problemless. A problem free zone.
Debbie: Who could get a stuffy in a sterile environment like that anyway?
Debbie: Which one of you said hold the mayo? - Brian: That would be Mr. Miracle Whipper.
Michael: I don't think any of us are in a position to judge considering some of the things that we've done. - Ted: I have nothing to be ashamed of. - Michael: I could remind you of a few.
Brian: I don't think you get it. - Justin: What, that someone rejected you? Got the prime piece of meat? It happens to everyone.
Vic: I thought I was destined to spend the rest of my life dating Mr. right hand.
Vic: I remember it took Roberto and me six months to finally decide to live together. And a week to break up.
Melanie: Let him know you care. - Brian: I thought he already did.
Michael: Want to hear my secret fantasy? - Justin: I don't generally like discussing kink on an empty stomach.
Gardner: Oh by the way, rumor say it that you're gay. - Brian: The rumor's rift, but unless I'm fing you, it's non of your business.
Vic: We faggots are a talented bunch. You gotta hand us that. - Debbie: Indestructible too.

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