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Theresa's Fanart {Serene Eclipse} #8 "Four or five moments. That's all it takes to be a hero. Moments where you can make a choice."

Been making graphics since I was 15. I used to use Photoshop CS2 and now i use PS CS4.
My favourite thing to make is icons and blending. I make icons, banners, gifs
wallpapers and I also dabble in drawing and photography.

Behind the name
Serene Eclipse is the name of the LJ community of graphics i had before FF.
I wanted a name to represent a quiet tranquility. Eclipse represents
something very beautiful, often quite serene. And the name has
always been kinda special to me.

"Making graphics has always been my creative outlet.
I describe my style as a lot of layers, colour and so vibrant it could blind you.
I like my graphics to stand out for being unique so that is my goal at the end of the day."

Like what you see? Comment and let me know!

Title ideas;
"Growing old will suck, but as long as I have you, I will feel invincible."
no importa cuán mala sea tu vida, al menos no eres ella.
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