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Things tend to change after the PILOT. Some shows really have fantastic pilots that set up the characters and action. But other shows improve after a terrible pilot. So it's hard to know what is going to happen.

Given they had to set up the new version of Roswell, deal with characters we knew and loved in different ways. So the series might end up being decent after a confusing pilot.

Since PILOTS tends to be created to attract buyers, and THEN they start to be creative for good and bad with the product they have to work with...

I also heard bad reviews about the flashbacks. I don't know how they can think they can make it believeable given the actors are in their 20s and mostly show it... It's not like some actors who can believably sell younger. Sometime you have to really try to make the sell. And if you're trying to do flashbacks right out of the gate...

Now I get why they need to show flashbacks to set up the action. It just going to be a tough ride.
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