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Thats so funny! I hear they shoot in Santa Fa CA and in Las Vegas New Mexico for the show!

So I read an article where in the new show reboot that Kyle is in fact related to Valentie who is now a woman Sherif. They totally did not make that clear in the pilot. I told you the pilot was confusing.

Article was up on Crashdown.

Rosa Arredondo Plays Sheriff Valenti on “Roswell, New Mexico”

By Lena • Oct 5th, 2018 • Category: CWRoswellNM, Lead Story

In “Roswell High”, Kyle’s father Sheriff Valenti was a ruthless man and the head of a secret goverment organization. The incredible William Sadler played Kyle’s dad in The WB version by Jason Katims and it turned out that this character had some similarities, but in the course of time he was quite different to the book original.

We are pretty curious what the new sheriff in town will be like.

The casting description for this character of the re-imagined “Roswell”, which is going to air on The CW during the mid-season 2018/2019, was never made public. All we learned was that the Sheriff Valenti character is a woman in this version.

Kyle Valenti, the sheriff’s son, is portrayed by Michael Trevino in “Roswell, New Mexico”. He’s a surgical resident and works at the ‘Roswell Community Medical’. While the production of the 13 episode first season makes progress, the name of the actress who’s going to play the sheriff, made it into the show’s cast listing on the Internet Movie Database.

The native New Yorker actress Rosa Arredondo plays Kyle’s mother and the town’s sheriff on The CW’s “Rowell, New Mexico”.

You might have seen Rosa Arredondo in “Iron Fist” on Netflix. She played Sofia Rios in episode three of the second season. She also appeared in two episodes of “Quantico”. If you check out her filmography, you surely stumble on many shows in which you’ve seen her.

Today, the pilot is going screen at New York Comic Con.
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