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Originally Posted by Roswell 10/2/00 (View Post)
Thats so funny! I hear they shoot in Santa Fa CA and in Las Vegas New Mexico for the show!

So I read an article where in the new show reboot that Kyle is in fact related to Valentie who is now a woman Sherif. They totally did not make that clear in the pilot. I told you the pilot was confusing.

Article was up on Crashdown.
Yep! Las Vegas, NM subs as Roswell and Santa Fe, NM is where the studio is. Obviously they film all around those areas for outdoor locations as well.

Kyle IS related to Sheriff Valenti still, he's been listed as Kyle Valenti since the cast was announced. In the original pilot script, there was an exchange between Kyle and his mom regarding his father, they may have cut that out.

Also, I learned via Carina's Instagram story the other day that Noah Bracken (Isobel's husband) is a lawyer, shocking
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