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more here

where is the description for 7x02

SA's FB Live:
"We premiere on Monday, much to the chagrin of Emily, who thought we premiered on Thursday."

"We have a lot of surprises this year. And we've gotten all the way to the premiere without anything leaking."

"I always want what's best for you guys, you guys being fans and people who watch the show. And the best thing, I swear to god, is to be surprised on Monday night, at like 8:58. Great surprise."

"The crossover is ****ing bananas. It's crazy."

"I'm happy to be back to a more normal facial hair length. It just got to be a bit much toward the end there. I'm just about to watch a cut of episode 7, which I believe is Oliver's last episode with the beard, and that episode's gonna be bananas, just totally bananas."

He got a fracture in his hip from his wrestling match.

"And I had to go from that match into episode 707, which is probably one of - if not the most - the most physically demanding episodes that we've ever had on the show. So I'm an idiot, never forget this."

Q: Will William have a bigger role this season?

"Yes, he will. William will have a bigger role this season."

Q: His creative content involvement on Arrow

"I always pitch stuff. But in terms of the macro overall stories, it's more like that's our creative team. So Beth Schwartz is our showrunner this year, she's running the writer's room."

"Marc Guggenheim this year actually took over for the crossovers, and basically wrote all three scripts, which I thought was a fantastic idea, because it gave one person a chance on building a throughline."

"The first hour is Flash, and the second hour is Arrow, and the third hour is Supergirl, but that's in name only. It might as well be Elseworlds hour one, two, and three. Just because it starts on the Flash doesn't mean it starts in Central City, although I think it does."

"I did, however, pitch - and it ended up in the script - the very first scene that you are going to see in the crossover, which is really funny. It's really, really funny."

Is this the last season of Arrow?

"No, I don't think so. I'm signed on beyond this year. When you get up to these stages, you tend to go year by year. But I have a contract for another season of Arrow. It'll come down to if the people at WB and the CW and DC and... my family+

feel like doing another season. But I'm here for another season beyond this. And then if we get to that season, we'll decide beyond that."

no oliver wedding ring

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