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Justin: I'll be back.And you'll come there. We're gonna see each other all the time.Brian : You don't know that. Neither do I. Wether we see each other next week, next month, never again, it doesn't matter. It's only time.
Emmett: So , whoever this demented aberration of humanity was who killed him , do you think they had sex first? Brian: Hope so. It's always better to come before you go.
Justin: He is far too young for you. Wanna dance?Brian: No. In my advanced years I might fall and break my hip.
Brian: I know it's scarier finding your own way, than doing what's expected. Justin: I'm not scared. Brian: You're fking terrified. Just like the night you met me. I was sure you'd go back home, but you didn't. You said, "I'm going with him". Justin: I can't believe that you remember that, considering you couldn't remember my name.
Ben : I'd say we're in great shape for the ride, wouldn't you? Michael : Provided my ass holds out. Ben : I've never known it to fail. Michael : You haven't ridden it for three-hundred miles.
Brian: Remember what I said to you last night? Justin: Yes...I remember. You said you love me. Brian: Then how about marrying me?
Michael: Christ Brian.. how'd you get in here? Brian: My widdle key. Michael: That's for emergencies. Brian: Exactly. If I don't find someone to go to Babylon with me, I'll die.
Michael: It could be us! Brian: No, it could not be us! Because we know better. We know not to believe pretty little blonde boys who tell you that "it's really good sh", because that's what they all say. Ted didn't know that. And he didn't know that you only do drugs with your friends because they're the only ones that give a fk about you.
Brian: We're queer. We don't need marriage. We don't need the sanction of d less politicians and pederast priests. We f who we want to, when we want to. That is our God-given right.Michael: But it is also our God-given right to have everything straight people have. Because we're every bit as much human as they are.
Emmett: Everybody knows I'm a terrible judge of character.Brian: Yeah, just look at who he hangs out with.
Michael: You can't open someone else's mail. It's a federal offence.Hunter: I can see it now...I'm on death row awaiting lethal injection. This mask murderer who killed fifty(sixty?)-eight babies and ate them asks me what I'm being electrocuted for. I say "Opening Ben's letter".
Craig: No father could have ever been prouderof his son than I was of you.Justin: Now you're ashamed.Craig: No..Justin: That I'm not the man you wanted me to be? I am the man that I want to be.I'm the only man that I can be. If you can't be proud of me for that, then that's your problem
Virginia Hammond: He must pay you quite handsomely.Emmett: Oh... no no no no. He doesn't pay me at all. I wouldn't take it if he did. The reason I'm with George is he gives spectacular h . And I'm certain he did not learn that from you.
Brian: "So in other words, for Justin to live here with you, he has to deny who he is, what he thinks... and how he feels. Well that's not love, that's hate."
Emmett: If you break his heart, I will break your face.
Brian: The first time you came here, you didn't know anything about me. I could have done anything to you.Justin: I was pretty sure you were gonna f *** me.
Michael: If you ask me, he's been pretty good to you. He saved your live, he took you in, he's putting you through school, he protects you, he looks after you... and wether you believe it or not, he loves you, more than he's ever loved anyone
Brian - The reason I took you in was because you took a bat to the head. But it's not the reason I want you to stay.
Justin: I'm not a child. I'm turning 18 soon. This means I can vote, and get married, and join the Army. Emmett: Hopefully not on the same day.
Brian - My gosh! Do you have no respect for authority? The law? Michael - I had to do someting. Brian - so you risked it all? Mikey, you are so.... Michael - pathetic.... I know.
Debbie: So, you going out cruising after you drop me off? Michael: No, I've been invited to an all-night orgy. Debbie: Woo...sounds hot! Michael: If you must know, I am going back to my gay apartment, taking off my gay clothes and getting into my gay bed.
George: From what Emmett tells me, you're the love child of James Dean and Ayn Rand.Brian: George, can I buy you a drink?
Debbie: I know what you're going through, finding out. I mean, I always knew about Michael. In fact, I told him, right? To spare him the pain of telling me. So, Jennifer, don't ask are you, because it's never a question. Just say, 'I know'.
Michael : Blake just winked at you.Ted : He's just got some crystal meth in his eye.
Carl: You were right. Brian: My three favourite words after 'nine inches cut'.
Ben: I thought the gay gene provides us all with an innate ability to re-decorate, accessorize, and arrange flowers. Michael: I think mine’s recessive.
Michael : I don't wanna talk about this. Brian: Fine, let's talk about something else. What should I wear to my wedding? My mom wants me to wear the gown she wore, but let's face it, she never had much luck.
Brian: Wouldn't you rather just cuddle? Justin: What? Brian: I said wouldn't you rather just lie here..... Justin: No no no, I heard what you said. You said "cuddle".
Ted: Some day I'm going to make some man the perfect wife. Melanie: I used to say the same thing. Ted: But instead you made someone the perfect husband.
Michael - hey kid! Will you bring us some water? Hunter - did you ever hear of please?
Emmett: Please, at his age he needs all the help he can get to attract those hot young things.
Emmett: I'm Fetch. I'm waiting for the master. George: I'm George Schickel. I am the master.
Brian: What are you doing? Justin: I'm killing you with kindness. It's proven to be a highly effective technique for achieving one's goals.
Justin: I'm not a child. I'm turning 18 soon. That means I can vote and get married and join the army. Emmett: Hopefully not in the same day.
Brian : It's not lying if they make you lie. If the only truth they could accept is their own.
Emmett: Emm, don't be such a scaredy queen. No one's stalking you. Why would anybody stalk you? Just because you're on channel five news and everybody loves the queer guy. And of course there is the undeniable fact you have an awesome ass.
Brian: This used to be such a magical kingdom full of sprites and fairies. Justin: Now it's like watching the Wizard of Oz in reverse. Brian: Cops in the streets, cops in the bars, cops in the clubs. It's f ing depressing! Justin: Unless you're into cops.
Brian: He's not the only one I'm going to be losing. Lindsay: I have to go, Peter.
Mysterious Marilyn: God writes the scripts, sweetie. I just say the lines.
Michael: It's a work of art! - Ted: It's a piece of st! - Michael: It's symbolic of love and pride! - Ted: It's symbolic of stupidity and bad taste! - Michael: You take that back! - Ted: I can't. I got it off a blanket!
Ethan: At least now I know why you were with him. God.. He's beautiful.He must be great in bed. Justin: He is. It's when we're not in bed that's a problem. Ethan: WEll, guess what. I'm not the answer.
Debbie: Now we've got Britney Spears... Tell me the world isn't going to st. Brian: The world is going to st. Debbie: Well I could have told you that. So lay off the bad-boy routine because you're too old for it... and it isn't true. Brian: Anything else? Debbie: Yeah! You got a bag of chips?
Emmett: Apparently Pittsburgh is not ready to handle the fact that not only are queers anatomically correct, but they actually use all their parts.
Ted: Well I don't know, I just thought considering you've lost the love of your life, and your best friend, your soulmate, the yin to your yang as it were, you might want someone to share your pain with.Brian: And you're thinking that someone might be you?
Brian: If you don't earn respect while you're alive, you don't deserve it when you're dead.
Debbie: I believe it's your innate goodness. Don't laugh when I'm being profound. It's like one of those philosophers...Socrates and Plato...anyway, one of them wrote about, "each one of us is born with a sense of right and wrong" and we all know and you're no different.
Justin: What's the point in wasting my time when I can be here popping pills, drinking beer and sticking my gimp hand down guys' pants?
Brian: It wasn't stupid when we used to lock ourselves up in your room, reading Captain Astro and Galaxy Lad, wishing we were invincible like them, and pretending that no Earthly force could ever separate us, like them, and swearing that we`ll always be there for each other like them.
Brian: You walked down with me, back to the Jeep, and we were goofing, we were dancing. I kissed you, said 'later,' and then you turned around and smiled. Then I knew why Debbie calls you Sunshine.
Michael: I'm auctioning something on eBay.Brian: Your mother? Don't start the bidding too high.
Brian: Whoa dude! The kids at school will, like, puke, they'll be, like, so jealous!
Mel: What are you so cynical that you can't accept a little TLC?Brian: From lesbian Lucy and Ethel?
Michael: If God wanted me on ice, he would have made me a vodka martini.
Michael: The battery’s dead!Brian: i know, I was feeding on its energy!
Brian: The first time you came here, you didn't know anything about me. I could have done anything to you.Justin: I was pretty sure you were gonna fk me.

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A word of advice, my sweet Emmett - mourn the losses because they are many.
But celebrate the victories because they are few.
~ Debbie Novotny

"We came for the queer but stayed for the folk" ~ Peter Paige

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