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  1. The Bronze(Off-Topic) #3: Because With All The Shows On right Now,We Can't Help But Discuss Them!
  2. Spike app # 58: bc he doesnt like to brag. Who are we kidding, he loves to brag!
  3. Spike♥Buffy: Because though she might have been gone, she lived on every night in his dreams.
  4. Spike♥Buffy: Because she was a little jealous at his date
  5. Anti-Bangel
  6. Season Discussion: Season Six #2
  7. I hope that there aren't any other threads for this, but who do you think is the hottest guy on Buffy?
  8. The Bronze (Off-Topic) #2: Because there's a world outside of BTVS? Yep, come talk about it here.
  9. Spike♥Buffy: Because SMG’s fanstasy guy for Buffy? Spike!
  10. The official we love Angelus and Darla together cuz they are evil.
  11. Anti Threads; Please Read and Respond
  12. The Bronze (Off-Topic) #1 - Because we have other passions!
  13. Spike♥Buffy: Because it would be easier if it were an act, but he faced the monster inside of him, for her.
  14. Buffy App. #42 (B.A.T.S.) - We think she's a hell of a woman too
  15. Immortal Lovers [B♥A] -Because They Have the Forever Love -David Fury
  16. Please Welcome ashleyt As Your New Moderator
  17. Spike♥Buffy:Because his love for her was as bright as his soul.
  18. Hi, I'm new. Here is some things that r about me.
  19. Joyce Summers; Everyone's mother Appreciation
  20. Spike Appreciation #57: Because he's as impure as the driven yellow snow.
  21. La boîte Magique #29 : 6 ans après...
  22. Spike♥Buffy: Because "What are you looking at?" "The man I love."
  23. Spike♥Buffy: Because blondes do have more fun! Just watch these two and learn.
  24. Spike Appreciation #56: "Vampires! Grrr! Nasty! Let's fight that evil! Let's kill something! Oh, come on!"
  25. Spike♥Buffy: Because together they touched fire as hot and passionate as their love.
  26. Anti B/A
  27. Spike♥Buffy: Because Seeing Her Alive Was The Happiest Moment In His Entire Existence.
  28. Spike♥Buffy: Because she could fool everyone, but she couldn't fool him or herself.
  29. Anti-Bangel: Because she loved him but never trusted him.
  30. Spike♥Buffy: Why does a man do what he musn't? To be hers.
  31. Spike♥Buffy:Because she wanted 'Wind Beneath My Wings' for their first dance.
  32. Spike App #55: Because he likes this world: it's got dog racing, Manchester U, and it's got people.
  33. Anti-Bangel: The Master Was Going To Kill Her And Angel Did What? Oh Yeah, Nothing.
  34. Immortal Lovers [B♥A] - He'd Give Up Forever To Touch Her, He Knows She Can Feel Him Somehow
  35. Spike♥Buffy:Because it's a daft notion to think another girl could mean anything to him
  36. The Mover's On Club: Spuffy and Cangel #11: Because they trusted their lives with eachother
  37. Buffy App. # 41 (B.A.T.S): Because she saved the world.....a lot.
  38. Spike♥Buffy: Because nothing she said to him could stop him from loving her
  39. Willow Rosenberg appreciation thread: Nerdy Willow, Vamp Willow, Dark Willow - we always love her
  40. Stepping Down
  41. Moderator Opening Announcement - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  42. Spike♥Buffy: People went crazy when they were together and went crazier when they were apart-DS
  43. Willow♥Tara #60:When Your Gone,The Pieces Of My Heart Are Missing You
  44. Spike♥Buffy: When he says he wanted to “give her what she deserves” it’s a lover with a soul. –Jane Espenson
  45. Spike♥Buffy: Because "He's, In Many Ways, Her Counterpart" - David Fury
  46. Oz and Willow [French Monkeys] : Because she'd still, if he'd still. He'd VERY still!
  47. Is there a Spike fan who likes Xander?
  48. Immortal Lovers [B♥A] #260 -Because She Was His Perfect Happiness
  49. Spike App #54: We love him evil and good and everything in between.
  50. Anti-Bangel: Because we want Buffy to have more than your freak show too Angel.