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  1. Joel Larsen {Do Over} #11: Because "I'm young again. I'm like a gazelle!"
  2. Cabbage Patch Kids {Dan/Blair} #9: Because they take frenemies to a whole other level.
  3. ABC's #10
  4. Easy A #11: Due to no spoilers we've resorted to blaming each other! HELP!
  5. Music Videos #5
  6. Dan's S&S #42: Spoiler Confusion! At least we have nothing bad to say...about each other!
  7. Scott & Kate {JTMD} #12: Because they made the hottest lab partners ever!
  8. The Stepfather {Michael/Kelly} #12: Because all he wanted to do was protect the love of his life.
  9. Badge 'n' Blake [Penn ♥ Blake] #67: Because we love it when they talk about each other in their interviews.
  10. Sam Tunney {The Mountain} #6: Six threads and only one episode. Yeah, the patience is running out
  11. The vdh's #14: Because we just want them to be a real family again.
  12. Penn's Smile #6: Because always remember, a smile is contagious!
  13. Smut Central {Fanfiction} #28: Steph came back to us and Dana promised a bigger update, double YAY!!!!
  14. Penn's Post Count #33: Because we can't last a day without posting all for the name of Mr. Penn Badgley
  15. Penn 'n' Penny #17: We're sure that Penny has other important puppy stuff to do!
  16. Penn's Body Appreciation #11: Dan/Penn shirtless picspams are always welcome. More please!
  17. Stolen Hearts [D ♥ S] #44: I've loved you forever, and lifetimes before. And I promise you never will you hurt anymore.
  18. Owen/Natalie {Bedford Diaries} #6: Because she loves this classic overachiever.
  19. Owen Gregory {Bedford Diaries} #6: "I like green." Really Owen? We couldn't tell at all!
  20. The Stepfather {Michael} #18: Because when Michael cried, we all teared up for our bb!
  21. Insane Penn Thread #24: You call our thoughts pervy but we call it dedicated love!
  22. This or That #15: Penn as an actor or musician?
  23. News & Appearances #30: A new agency better mean new movies Penn!
  24. Penn's Pictures #29: Sexy is an understatement, his pictures are EFFING GORGEOUS!
  25. Badge 'n' Blake [P ♥ B] #66: "What Blake and I have is solid. I wouldn't have risked it, if it wasn't worth it" -Penn.
  26. Icons #8: 100x100 never looked so good with Penn's face on them!
  27. Dan's S&S #41: If there's a brawl, we're so on Team Humphrey! Brooklyn, will so cut you.
  28. Hangman #8: Can you guess what Dan or Penn is saying?
  29. Penn Badgley #29: Because he's New York's talk of the town.
  30. Penn/Anyone #9: Its not like pictures with him cost money, come on people!
  31. Forever Strong {Lars} #13: Lars should of been a spokesman for beer, think of free beer for life!
  32. Hate it or Love it #17: Penn watching musical plays? Love it
  33. Penn's Post Count #32: Some say posting too much is overrated, well we say you're stupid.
  34. Dan/Jenny #16: I was so lost and so broken, I was waiting on someone like you to save me from myself
  35. Badge 'n' Blake [Penn ♥ Blake] #65: PB play hide 'n' seek makeout edition, but they always forget to let us find them.
  36. Dan/Penn Fashion Thread #7: Sometimes a simple outfit goes a long way.
  37. Scott Tucker {JTMD} #11: 'Cause he wasn't pretending to be someone he wasn't.
  38. Dan/Rufus #10: We used to be so close, talk about life and the things we cared for most.
  39. Stolen Hearts {Dan ♥ Serena} #43: Because I will never find another lover sweeter than you.
  40. Smut Central {Fanfiction} #27: Hell hath no fury like a reader scorned, or in English terms really upset!
  41. The Humphrey's #18: Because Brooklyn isn't the same without them
  42. Penn/Shawn #10: We've left you about 10 messages Shawn. Where are you?
  43. Penn/Taylor #12: Because we'll settle for a mention at this point.
  44. Joel Larsen {Do Over} #10: Because he knew those swing lessons would come in handy one day.
  45. Anti ABC's #10
  46. Guest Appearances #10: He's just gonna throw darts at a board and pick a network at this point
  47. News & Appearances #29: We don't care where you go Penn, just as long as there's a pap to prove to us you went out.
  48. Dan S&S #40: Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? No seriously, the Humphrey's need a map back to Brooklyn.
  49. Penn Funny Faces #12: Because Penn's fishy face is better than yours!
  50. Dan/Georgina #2: Because we totally understand her obsession.