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  1. Penn Story #5: When Michael found out about David..
  2. Penn's Post Count #31: Cause we've only got 86,400 seconds in a day to post our lives away
  3. Dan Humphrey #27: March seems so far away, but the promise of new Dan is so worth it!
  4. Badge 'n' Blake [Badgley ♥ Lively] #64: PB, have you heard of fresh & air? We think you could use some right about now!
  5. Easy A #10: Ten threads of.. pretty much nothing. We need spoilers!!
  6. Brooklyn Boys [Dan/Cedric] #9: Because they are GG's own Batman & Robin.
  7. Penn 'n' Penny #16: We're about to file a report down at the Missing Puppy Station!
  8. Penn's Picture #28: A picture of Penn is a gift, and we're the greedy kids who want as many as we can get our hands on!
  9. The Stepfather {Michael} #17: Sure the plot was great but Michael shirtless is what made us stay!
  10. The Stepfather {Michael/Kelly} #11: If the world was crashing down, I'd want my last moments to be with you.
  11. Scott & Kate {JTMD} #11: Somehow you got through to me, made it easier for me to be true to myself
  12. Stolen Hearts {Dan ♥ Serena} #42: Even though you're gone and far away, I feel you around, all the time.
  13. Penn's Body Appreciation #10: We'd have no problem rubbing him down with body oil.
  14. Insane Penn Thread #23: It's not like we have a Penn shrine in our closets or something -makes sure door is closed-
  15. Smut Central {Fanfiction} #26: When someone promises smut, ALL the readers remember!
  16. Penn Badgley #28: Penn as the new Spiderman? How AWESOME would that be?!
  17. ABC's #9: Young, Zesty, Appreciated
  18. Dan's S&S #39: Because we need to keep bugging Josh for more info on Dan and DS!
  19. Penn's Post Count #30: Rollin' is what we do best!
  20. Badge 'n' Blake [Badgley ♥ Lively] #63: She loves when he stays over and calling him baby, and we really love it too ;)
  21. News & Appearances #28: We're desperate for news. First one to spot Penn gets a cookie. A really big cookie!
  22. Penn's Smile #5: Because when Penn smiles, all his fan girls smile too!
  23. Music Videos #4: Because videos make the wait for new Dan almost bearable.
  24. The vdh's #13: Family is something you don't plan on in life, it's the thing that just works out.
  25. Joel Larsen [Do Over] #9: What kind of biscuit bounces off your stomach? Why, that would be a rubbbbbeerrrrrrrr biscuit!
  26. Forever Strong {Lars} #12: Because #11 has got the moves on and off the field.
  27. Dan's S&S #38: Welcome to the Gossip Girl Love Wheel! The place where every couple gets a chance to be screwed over.
  28. Scott Tucker {JTMD} #10: Because he can sing I Want You To Want Me, to us all night long.
  29. Owen Gregory {Bedford Diaries} #5: In season two Owen's hair would of had a plot if only he didn't cut it off!
  30. Guest Appearances #9: Whether it's on tv or the movie screen, we will always support him.
  31. Badge 'n' Blake [Penn ♥ Blake] #62: We get it PB, you want your alone time, but we can't wait much longer!
  32. Owen & Natalie {Bedford Diaries} #5: Because I can't help falling for you, it's the thing I was meant to do
  33. Penn/Anyone #8: Some of us don't care who he takes pics with, as long as we get them.
  34. Dan/Jenny #15: One day they're gonna need each other again, we'll be waiting for that day
  35. Penn/Shawn #9: ShawnPenn's resolution? To hangout more of course!
  36. Dan/Penn Fashion Thread #6: He dresses plain & comfy and we wouldn't have it any other way
  37. Dan's S&S #37: Silly Gossip Girl, OMFG's are for kids! So treat us like adults.
  38. Stolen Hearts {Dan ♥ Serena} #41: One day we'll find our way back to each other, 'cause baby, you're my greatest lover.
  39. Penn's OT #35: Because it's gonna be 2010! Grab your party hats!!!!!!!!
  40. Penn's Post Count #29: Because in 2010 we're going to crack into the Top10!
  41. Smut Central {Fanfiction} #25: We have to remember when the readers hassle us for updates, it's because they care!
  42. This or That #14: Dan in S2 or S3?
  43. Dan/Vanessa #7: Because "I like your new face"
  44. The Humphrey's #17: When you feel low and you can't carry on, lean on me, that's what family is for.
  45. Badge 'n' Blake [Penn ♥ Blake] #61: PB would blush if they found out how interested we were in their sex life!
  46. Hate it or Love it #16: Penn in a Christmas sweater? Love it!
  47. Dan/Rufus #9: Because we want a Father & Son waffle day! All toppings needed!
  48. Easy A # 9: We need more than just one filming picture to get us by! Geez, just help us out.
  49. Sam Tunney {The Mountain} #5: Because we loved his adorkable dance moves
  50. Happy New Year!