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  1. Rob's ABC's #50
  2. Robert Hair Flip Appreciation #18 - "Whether it's serious flip or smiley flip or any other flips, he does it perfectly."
  3. Robert Quotes #8: “I've always had a problem actually thinking before I open my mouth.- I have a problem with thinking.”
  4. RobHusband Thread #7 Because this threads shows the best of our creativity & imagination.
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  6. Off Topic Thread #58 Because summer is here and we have tons to talk about!
  7. Rob/Reese Appreciation Thread #2 - Because they just clicked, their chemistry was effortless ღ
  8. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate: Edward & Bella Cullen
  9. Rob Music Appreciation Thread #13 When he sings, his voice carries the emotion behind the lyrics to a heavenly place
  10. Robert Dirty Thread #17 Because he has the perfect smattering of hair across his sexy chest.
  11. Robert/Edward Thread #34 - Because when life gives you lemons.. throw them back and demand Edward.
  12. JacobღMarlena [WFE] Thread #1 Because their romance developed against the odds.
  13. TylerღAlly [R/M] Thread #8 Because no one understood what he was going through...then entered Ally.
  14. Robert Post Count #23 Because with all these new Rob-Mobbers our counts are bound to explode!
  15. Cosmopolis Spoiler Thread #1 Because we can't wait to see Rob in his first leading Role!
  16. Rob Intro/Board Guide/Rules Thread #5 - Come on in and be a part of the amazing Rob-Mob Mobbers.
  17. Bel Ami Spoiler Thread #4 - Because we're ready to see Rob rock the bad boy role 1800's Style
  18. Rob's ABC's #49
  19. Rob's Library • Bookworms #3: "What is your favorite thing to do all by yourself? Rob replied with 'Read.'"
  20. Rob Fashion Thread #7 - B/c Rob's style is an expression of individualism and 'hobo chick'. Awesome and non-conforming.
  21. Robert Body Appreciation Thread #23 Because it's hard for us not to *thud* when we see any part of his body.
  22. Robert Pictures Thread #46 Because with all the premiere's, we have been on Rob overload with pictures!
  23. Off Topic Thread #57 Because whether it's RL, TV, music or movies we always have something to chat about!
  24. Rob & Kristen (Schmerbles)#33 B/c "'She didn't act like a celebrity at the WFE premiere, she acted like his girlfriend."
  25. Lion♥Lamb E/B #40: Because it will be difficult for anyone to surpass the love they have with/for each other.
  26. Rob News & Appearances#28 B/c with WFE off to a great start we can't wait to see what other success's this yr will bring
  27. Edward & Jasper #10: "Edward, hands down - Ed's my brother, so... I'm biased."
  28. Robert Tumblrs <3
  29. Robhusband Thread #6 - B/c owning a Rob!Husband is the second best thing to owning the man himself *lol*
  30. Robert Quotes #7: “I wanna have a kid so I can make them really cool and they can be my friend.”
  31. Robert interview
  32. Robert Post Count #22 - B/c we'll be on a Rob high for the next few weeks and our posts will continue to skyrocket.
  33. Robert Funny Faces #15: Because his sense of humor & laughter brings a smile to our faces, even during down times.
  34. Robert Pattinson's Wax figure unveiled in Berlin
  35. Where can I post my fanfiction?
  36. Robert Pictures Thread #45 Because who needs a title when you can stare at Rob's great assets all day long...
  37. Robert Pattinson Board 200k posts | Preparation Thread ღ
  38. "WFE" Spoiler Thread #6 - B/c Rob & Reese are so awesome and we can't wait to see their characters light the screens up!
  39. Robert/Edward #33: Only Rob has all the qualities suited to portray the most beautiful man in vampire world, Edward.
  40. Rob/Reese Appreciation Thread #1: They dont put an effort to create a nice atmosphere, it just comes natural.
  41. Rob's ABC's #48
  42. Rob Music Appreciation Thread #12 He has stolen our hearts with his sweet and soft voice
  43. Robert Pattinson Relaxes With a Glass of Wine at Chateau Marmont
  44. Robert Dirty Thread #16 B/c we're definitely ready for our boy to show some skin this year.
  45. Rob's UC/AU & Slash/Crossover #1 - Because we can get creative when it comes to pairing up Rob and his characters
  46. Breaking Dawn Movie Spoiler Thread#5 B/c the MTV awards are just around the corner, we are hoping the BD trailer is too.
  47. Lion♥Lamb E/B #39: During EB's first kiss the air was electric, everyone holds their breath waiting for their lips touch
  48. Rob's Body Appreciation #22 - Because Rob could easily play a lifeguard with those bodily assets.
  49. Off Topic Thread #56 - From Supernatural to One Tree Hill to The Vampire Diaries, we love entertainment.
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