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  1. Izzy|Ciara Baxendale #1: "Then it's Izzy… She's so cute"
  2. Tix [Sophie Wright] #1 ~ Broken people fall to bits sometimes
  3. The Person Above Me #1: TPAM is excited about this board!
  4. Archie/Rae #1: "Did you think I was a freak?" "Why would I ever think that?"
  5. Chop & Izzy #1: "Izzy, I love you. It’s the true, I love ya."
  6. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #1: Archie, Body Image, Chloe
  7. My Mad Fat Diary Season 1 General Discussion #1
  8. Archie/Dan Cohen #1: “Archie. Ultimate slice. Half geek, half rock god."
  9. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #1: We got the board, yay!
  10. My Mad Fat Diary || Rules, Guide, Introductions & Birthdays #1
  11. Rae Earl/Sharon Rooney #1: "At least they remind me that I survived. But only just."
  12. Finn/Nico #1: "When he’s the most interesting, sweet, sensitive, hot-bodied Adonis in all of Lincolnshire.”
  13. Finn ღ Rae #1: "Anyone would have done the same thing, you know." "No, they wouldn't."
  14. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderators!