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Old 11-09-2010, 08:13 PM
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Dawson's Creek Season 3 episode survivor/discussion #2

Round 19:

Episode #301 "Like A Virgin"
Autumn is the time for changes at the beginning of a new school year at Capeside High. Dawson meets a sexy and mysterious girl who wants to change his life - but with typical poor timing, Joey regrets her breakup with Dawson now that he's ready to move on.
AKA the one before everyone went crazy.

Episode #302 "Homecoming"
Dawson launches into a relationship with mysterious Eve while Pacey and Andie face the greatest challenge to their love. And Jack and Jen defy the odds when they join the football team and cheerleading squad, respectively while Joey realizes that life goes on.
AKA the one where everyone’s personalities got rewritten.

Episode #303 "None of the Above"
Dawson and his friends find that the hardest test of all is not the much-feared PSAT but the choice of whether or not to use what temptress Eve has offered them to cheat their way to a perfect score.
AKA the one where Dawson and Pacey almost stopped being friends.

Episode #304 "Home Movies"
Dawson gets an amazing break in his filmmaking career, but it comes at a high price for his father, Jack and the school. Joey and Pacey slowly grow closer while Andie deals with the threat of getting caught for cheating on the PSATs. And, Jen is crowned as Capeside's homecoming queen.
AKA the one with the football team in make-up.

Episode #305 "Indian Summer"
Dawson finally learns if not all, a lot more about Eve while Joey is fired from her job after interfering with Rob and Andie's date, and Jack tries to set Henry up with Jen.
AKA the one where Jack plays matchmaker.

Episode #306 "Secrets and Lies"
Jen hosts the annual Homecoming Queen Gala in her own outrageous way, which Dawson's mom comes home to attend, carrying some personal baggage with her. Joey and Pacey rescue Andie from Rob, but it's Pacey that may need to be saved from Andie.
AKA the one where Andie cries wolf

Episode #307 "Escape from Witch Island"
With "Blair Witch" overtones, Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey spend a bone-chilling night on a haunted island for a school project. Meanwhile Andie becomes judge and jury, holding court for student conduct violations at Capeside High.
AKA the one on the island.

Episode #308 "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"
Everyone gathers at Grams' annual Potluck Thanksgiving Feast, which has surprises and secrets for all. An unannounced visit from Jen's estranged mother stirs up strong emotional issues for Jen. Meanwhile, Dawson confronts Jen's mother about Eve while his own family life changes.
AKA the one with Jen’s Mom and Gail & Mitch’s divorce.

Episode #309 - "Four To Tango"
Pacey and Jen unsuccessfuly pursue passion, while Jack finds a potential love interest online.
AKA the one with the coat room shenanigans.

Episode #310 "First Encounters of the Close Kind"
Dawson, Joey, Andie and Jack head to Boston to check out Ivy League college life for a weekend, and each gets a different taste of life outside Capeside.
AKA the one with the weekend away.

Episode #311 "Barefoot at Capefest"
Is Capeside big enough for two aspiring filmmakers, Dawson and Nikki? Meanwhile Andie must work with Pacey on the school play. Jack meets Ethan again while Jen becomes intrigued with Henry.
AKA the one with the creative outlets.

Episode #312 "A Weekend in the Country"
When Joey faces potential financial disaster, the whole gang pulls together to help her with the family B&B.
AKA the one with Fred the critic.

Episode #313 "Northern Lights"
Much to Nikki's dismay, Dawson gives up on film class while both Andie and Pacey face Pacey's starring acting debut with panic and Joey continues her romance with college-boy A.J.
AKA the one where the posters came down.

Episode #314 "The Valentine's Day Massacre"
Dawson, Pacey, Jack and the rest of the gang get in over their heads at a Bacchanalian anti-Valentine's Day party while Henry's much anticipated date with Jen goes terribly awry.
AKA the one when everyone got jailed.

Episode #315 "Crime and Punishment"
Joey's mural for the school is found to be horribly defaced at the official unveiling, while Andie finally unloads the weight of her cheating and lies.
AKA the one where Pacey plays the hero.

Episode #316 "To Green, With Love"
Joey and her friends rally to help Principal Green when angry parents demand he either resign or rescind his expulsion of the student who defaced Joey's mural.
AKA the one with the protest rally.

Episode #317 "Cinderella Story"
As with all fairy tales, the clock strikes midnight on Joey's "Cinderella" weekend with AJ and, back in Capeside, Pacey meets his match in a hard-boiled ten year old misfit Buzz (played by Jonathan Lipnicki).
AKA the one with the kid from Jerry Maguire.

Episode #318 "Neverland"
Pacey worries that his would-be-romance with Joey might violate an unspoken rule with best friend Dawson, while Mr. McPhee is forced to confront Jack's sexuality.
AKA the one with the rollerskates party.

Episode #319 "Stolen Kisses"
Affairs of the heart plague everyone in Capeside during an unusually turbulent spring break.
AKA the one where Aunt Gwen messes everything up. Also AKA the one that was a promo for Young Americans.

Episode #320 "The Longest Day"
This creative riff on The Usual Suspects-meets-Groundhog Day follows Pacey and Joey through a day of agonizing about the effect their relationship will have on Dawson.
AKA the one where ***** hit the fan.

Episode #321 "Show Me Love"
Dawson turns the annual Capeside Regatta into a grudge match when he joins the race in an attempt to embarrass Pacey.
AKA the one that rewrote Dawson’s character.

Episode #322 "The Anti-Prom"
It's prom time and tension fills the air as Joey attempts to mend fences with Dawson and Pacey, while Jack discovers he's not yet ready to face the uncharted waters that lie ahead.
AKA the one that rewrote history.

Episode #323 "True Love"
In an emotionally charged season finale, Capeside's many star-crossed lovers go to drastic lengths to resolve their romantic dilemmas.
AKA the one that ruins almost everyone’s lives.

Current tally:
Northern Lights: 4

Any more votes in this round?
There's so many wars we fought / There's so many things we're not
But with what we have / I promise you that
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Old 11-09-2010, 08:14 PM
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Jennnnn. i opened a thread. we did it at the same time. close yours. i like my title better.
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Old 11-09-2010, 08:21 PM
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OK, closing.

Gah, this is why we're never here at the same time.
There's so many wars we fought / There's so many things we're not
But with what we have / I promise you that
We're marchin' on

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